Key Funding Criteria

Court House Capital’s strategy is to create and manage a portfolio of funded cases across the areas of general commercial, insolvency and class action claims. Court House Capital undertakes a rigorous selection process when considering litigation projects. The selection process for funding a profitable litigation project is summarized below:

  • Legal Principles – the claim is based on established legal principles and does not seek to establish a new area of law.
  • Written evidence – the Claim should be supported by clear evidence, the majority of which is documentary rather than oral evidence.
  • Size of the litigation project and funding required – there should be proportionality between the size of the litigation project and the funding commitment.
  • Deal assessment – involves astute commercial assessment of the defendant/s and their financial capacity as well as an assessment of the plaintiff/litigant.
  • Legal team – the legal team representing the plaintiff must be highly competent and experienced in litigation with the relevant expertise to pursue the proceedings and advise the plaintiff.

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