Litigation Projects

Court House Capital is currently working together with various claimants and legal practitioners to investigate and prosecute a mix of Litigation Projects.

Commercial Claim of Oppression

Court House Capital has agreed to fund a top tier firm for an action against an Australian biotechnology company who raised capital unnecessarily in order to dilute minority shareholders and gain control.


Breach of contract claim caused by COVID-19 Event Cancellation

Court House Capital is providing funding to a worldwide entertainment company to pursue a recovery of the costs associated with organising entertainment for an event which was cancelled prematurely because of COVID-19 in March 2020.


Business Interruption insurance losses caused by Covid-19

Court House Capital is currently funding business owners in hospitality for claims against a number of insurers related to their business interruption insurance policies for COVID-19 losses in profit and revenue.


Claim against software company for equitable fraud and breach of contract

Court House Capital is funding a proposed claim in the South Australian Supreme Court against a software company for equitable fraud and breach of contract relating to the sale of intellectual property to a related third party not at arm’s length and for less than market value.


Claims by a liquidator of a company against a construction company for breach of contract

Court House Capital is currently funding a liquidator’s claim on behalf of creditors for breaches of contract by the defendant relating to failure and refusal to make payments for work undertaken and damages for attempting to unlawfully terminate the contract.


Claim against multinational for a breach of distribution agreement

Court House Capital funded a claim commenced in the Supreme Court of Victoria against a large multinational alleging wrongful termination of a distribution agreement held by the claimant in Australia and New Zealand. The Litigation Project successfully settled at mediation.


Shareholders dispute in the Federal Court

Court House Capital provided funding to a founding shareholder to pursue his claim against his co-directors and shareholders for breach of the shareholders agreement and oppression as a minority shareholder. The Litigation Project was successfully resolved with a settlement reached between the parties.


Wrongful termination of a contract

Court House Capital funded a claim on behalf of a logistics business for wrongful termination of a contract which was subsequently provided to a competitor in exchange for inducements. It was successfully resolved prior to trial.


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